About Dr. Wilbeck

Dr. Wilbeck, a Wichita chiropractor, is a member of the Kansas Chiropractic Association, has served in office for the Sedgwick District and has received achievement honors.

He has had advanced training in impairment and disability rating as it pertains to auto injury. Our spacious and beautiful clinic was built state-of-the-art in 1985 and has been instrumental in allowing multiple healing arts practices to come together. Over the past 27 years, we have worked side by side with MD’s, DO’s and numerous other DC’s. The expertise gained from these combined experiences has greatly benefited the patients visiting Wilbeck Chiropractic.

Dr. Wilbeck’s chiropractic gifting is not only to relieve your immediate symptoms, but his primary focus is on structural care. He understands that this is essential for optimum health. Dr. Wilbeck truly enjoys being a husband and father. It is important to him to be an integral part of his kids’ lives. Because of this, he follows his kids’ sports interests whenever he can. Currently, the emphasis has been on basketball, with three of his four children excelling on basketball teams. His other passion is tournament bass fishing. He has traveled the world visiting humanitarian and medical relief missions in thirty-three countries and was able to assist a Christian mission organization and teach college in the Philippines for one school year.

Dr. Wilbeck’s purpose is to honor God by educating, adjusting and bringing health and joy to as many families as possible through natural chiropractic care. His desire is that economic concerns will not prevent anyone from receiving the health care they need. Compassion and understanding are important aspects of providing optimum patient care.